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The Six-Fingered Hand is a coalition of demons from the various Hell Realms, organized by the Limbo Demon C'laris, for reasons he has never adequately explained.   Each is operating with the specific goal of unseating their respective Hell Lord and running the Realm more to their satisfaction, along with advancing other, personal goals.  To do this, they intend to reassemble the Evil Eye.

Brynjar, from Hel

"Today is a good day for you to die!"

An Asgardian who was an unparalled warrior, he walked away from a fight he didn't believe and was killed by an arrow in the back. Because of his dishonorable death, he was sent to Hel, where he has spendt centuries killing and crippling every soul and/or monster he came across.  Emboldened and made powerful by centuries of slaughter, Hela looks upon him as a weapon to be pointed and unleashing, having once even turned him loose upon Thor.

But Brynjar has plans of his own.  If he must be in Hel, then it will be a Hel of his own making.  Hela's obsession with Asgard and the souls of the Aesthir has blinded her to the warrior souls upon Earth.  He plots to unleash Hel upon Earth with the power of the Evil Eye and reap the souls of the mightiest of mortal warriors before other hands can claim them.


Markos, from Hades

"I swear by all that is unholy, I will kill you if you do not shut up!"

A demonic centaur, Markos has served as one of Pluto's minions for ages, all the while quietly seething with rage and wishing to dethrone him.  No one knows the cause of his hate, or even what his overall goals are, only that he agreed to take part in this venture.  Nominally quiet and stoic, he's also the type who would kill to make a point, he'd kill to silence a nattering voice, he'd kill just to get a reaction out of someone, he'd kill for no other reason than because he could.

Markos firmly believes that there is no kill like overkill, and prefers to make an example to cow others into submission.  He gets on well enough with Brynjar, for both revel in violence, and he actually frightens Eligos and Rakkor a bit.  But with his motives unknown, he may be one of the most dangerous of them all.

Eligos, from Mephisto's realm

"I took down the entire United States cellular service for half an hour today.  Lots of very cranky people."

Eligos is the most cultured, affable demon you're bound to meet.  Don't mistake that for weakness, though.  He's as shrewd a creature as ever walked the Infernal Realms.  He simply recognizes that for all the tortures and torments Hell is capable of devising, for all the craftiness of demonkind...  humans are so much better at torturing themselves and screwing themselves over.  He once examined a cellular phone contract and sent it to the division of his Hell in charge of writing the soul contracts with an effort to "Learn, guys."

Rather than overly try to collect souls or meddle in the affairs of heroes or anything like that, he prefers to study the ways of humans and nudge them in more subtle ways.  A billion slightly tarnished souls yields more overall negative karma than one fully corrupted one, after all.  His calm and cultured demeanor leads to him getting on quite well with Rakkor, but puts him at odds with some of the more violent members of the hand.  Should things go south, he'll be most likely to be the first to cut his losses and run.

Rakkor, from Satanish's realm

"KILL YOU, KILL YOU ALL!   I... I'm sorry, that was the old me.  I'm trying not to do that anymore."

Much as Mephisto formed Blackheart from accumulated hostile energy, so did Satanish form Rakkor from the souls slain by his cult, the Sons of Satanish.  At first, Rakkor delighted in the torture and torment he unleashed, following in the footsteps of his father.  Until slowly, he began to see how ultimately self destructive his "father"'s methods were, both in terms of acquiring souls and to the damned under his dominion.  He taught himself self-control, realizing there had to be a better way.

Rakkor tries to comport himself with poise and dignity, focusing on the art of the deal of acquiring souls and followers. Though his every impulse demands he lash out at even the slightest provocation, he resists these, telling himself he must make the smart choice.  He is seductively silver-tongued, and will honor his agreements, but will always make sure he comes out on top.

Diaboli Manumi , from Marduk Kurios's Hell

"You're all going to get me killed, I just know it."

Diaboli Manumi thinks Markos and Brynjar are colossal idiots incapable of understanding long term planning or subtly.  Meanwhile, Rakkor and Eligos are lacking in spine and substance, to busy plotting and working the light-handed game to know sometimes you needed to strike decisively. As one of Marduk Kurios's most trusted lieutenants (in as much as the politics of Hell allow for trust), she's been the only one to point out how poorly things turned out for the last Six-Fingered Hand. 

Still, the promise of power is a tempting one, and she wouldn't have risen to be the devil she was without an opportunistic and backstabbing streak.  She's clever and learned, and more than a little skilled in the temptations of mortals and other demons, especially men.  If things start to go south for them, though, she'll be the first to bail and call in Marduk Kurious, selling the others out to save her own skin.

C'laris, of Limbo

"What is it?  Can I kill it?"

C'laris is not, technically, a demon in the same sense as the others, but rather a Limbo (Otherplace) Demon.  He has stayed out of the various power struggled that have encompassed the realm, including Sophia Strange's stewardship of the realm, partially because even cruel demons like S'ym and N'astirih wanted nothing to do with him.  Many demons of Limbo enjoy torture and harming others, and many of them do it for the pleasure of doing it, but only C'laris does it for no more reason than because he can.  In a realm of chaotic evil creatures, C'laris stands out as a true sadist.

Though he presents himself as merely one of six equals, C'laris is the true mastermind behind the Six-Fingered Hand.  Though he claims each of them will supplant their respective rulers and divvy up the remaining Hell Realms and Earth between them, he has little intention of honoring that agreement.  When the Evil Eye is assembled, he'll turn on them and take its power for himself. 

As they fight and squabble, though, he wonders if he shouldn't just save himself some time and aggravation and kill them all now. 

And with that power?   He's going to watch it burn.  All of it.  A glorious monument to destruction across all the Realms.  And who knows?  He may even go on to kill Eternity itself.

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1)      During one of those frequent periods where both the Future Foundation and the Avengers are out of the city, a demonic incursion begins in the form of inanimate objects and vehicles coming to life and assaulting people.  Some of the remaining heroes, like Marcello, work to put these things down.  Fortunately, they don’t tend to take much hitting.


2)      Amidst the chaos, Sofia Strange tracks it to its source, Central Park, where it seems a little too calm for its own good, even as the rest of the city begins to fall further and further into more dangerous situations.  There, she uses her magic to break the illusion, revealing that the park has become the font for Hell of Earth.  Furthermore, it reveals that said invasion is the work of ___________. 


3)      ______’s demonic forces quickly overcome Sophia, but not before she is able to cast a spell of ‘sympathetic magic’, trying to summon those like the Defenders who had allied with her father once before.  This ends up summoning the likes of Dawn, Kassi, and others, including some who are just somewhat thematically similar, also Marcello.


4)      Working together, the summoned heroes and Sophia are able to beat back the demonic invasion and defeat _____.


5)      The proposition of forming a more permanent team is floated, but these are not, by and large, the type of people who are joiners.  But there are others who are watching, and who have a vested interest in this group remaining together…

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Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Dylan
AIM (if you have one):
Character Name: Dawn Roberts
Character LJ (if applicable):
Physical description (face, build, weight): Dawn is a 20-something blonde woman of average height and build, with shortish hair.
Age: 26
Birthday: August 17, 1986
PB: Allison Mack
Codename: Valkyrie
Team: Defenders

Personality: Dawn is a relatively introverted, but friendly and kind hearted young woman, passionate about literature. She's prone to babbling like a loon when she's nervous--which is often--and maybe a little prone to panic (but for someone thrown as in over her head as she's been, that may be the natural response). She believes in standing up for what's right, but in situations like what the Defenders are about to face, is usually convinced they're all going to die. She'll be the first to point out when something is utterly insane or crazy.

Abilities: Dawn possesses moderate super-human strength, enabling her to lift approximately 35 tons at maximum. Her durability has been enhanced to super-human levels. She has considerable warrior skill hardwired into her brain. She may have other Valkyrie-esque abilities she has not yet been able to access.

Dawn wields an unbreakable sword, called Dragonfang, capable of cutting through almost anything. Dragonfang, when in its scabbard, remains invisible until drawn. When drawn, it causes her clothes to transform into her Valkyrie gear.

Weaknesses and flaws: Any and just about all fighting skill Dawn has is a result of the knowledge and skill having been mystically implanted in her mind. In short, while she's capable of fighting, she has almost no idea how she's doing any of it. She's a woman very much in over her head.

Relatives (living/dead?): Herb Roberts (father, living), Judy Roberts (mother, living)

Backstory: Dawn Roberts life was reasonably normal. An ESU grad with a Masters Degree in library science, she had a pretty nice job at one of the New York Public Libraries. Decent apartment for the rent, friends, pretty good life in general. It was a good job and she was good at it. Her life was nice, safe, and boring. And amazingly, despite living in New York, she'd never even seen a super-hero or a super-villain, except on the news.

This changed, however, when she became the fourth victim of a serial killer, the so-called Parkside Slayer. But unlike the other victims of the killer, she didn't stay dead. Unbeknownst to her, there was a war raging in the heavens, in the realm called Asgard. One of the fallen, a Valkyrie called Brunnhilde, died at precisely the same moment. Two spirits met in passing in the void, and were joined.

Dawn returned to life moments later, with considerable new power. Just in time to beat the ever loving snot out of her murderer.

While unable to give a satisfactory explanation to the police as to why she wasn't wounded despite the bloodstains, it was definitely the Parkside Slayer. After a brief emergency room examination, she was allowed to go on her way.

That night, her dreams were trouble. To be expected after such an accident, but her dreams were not of her own troubles. Instead, they were of snow and sweat and blood and swords and screaming carnage as a world she did not recognize came under attack.

When she awoke, she found a sword laying on the chair next to her bed, along with its scabbard. Putting one in the other, she discovered she could make them invisible if she wanted. For some bizarre reason, she felt like keeping it with her.

On her way home after work the next day, she was almost mugged. It would have just been one more piece of bad luck if some kind of instinct hadn't kicked in. She'd drawn the sword, slice the gun in half, and smacked the guy with the flat of the blade in two quick motions before she even knew what she was going.

Life's just gotten weirder since.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Dawn will first appear when whatever plans to introduce the Defenders are afoot.
What are you planning to do with this character?: Dawn gets to play the normal person caught up in crazy crap way beyond her understanding, albeit with a little skill to fight back. I do want to tackle Asgard as a thing, eventually, with regards to Brunnhidle and such.
What do you want to see happen with this character?: Slowly coming into her own as a hero, though never quite getting one hundred percent comfortable with everything around her. Eventually untangling the mysteries that bind her to Brunhilde and see where we go from that. Maybe get her own flying horse as some point.



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